Find Out These 16 Translation Tools to Assist You in an Enjoyable Work

Translating is identical to one’s language ability and is carried out by a manual process. This is not entirely wrong from a practical point of view. However, when translation already has a competitive industry, it is necessary to broaden the perspective. In an industry, there are factors that can influence success, one of which is the length of time allotted to the client. How to solve this problem?

There is a translation tool or also called CAT tool as an aid to make the work process more efficient and faster through the features offered. Read on to find out each item that suits your needs!


It is a unique translation tool that combines helpful aid. You can find a dictionary and search engine at the same time. Cannot be doubted, Linguee is the most favorite item in which you can carry out the tasks simultaneously such as check out bilingual text, the meaning of words and expressions in other cultures, and analyze the context. In addition, it will assist you to do research by reading the references through a web feature that represents what you need. Google Images is also an extended menu for you.

         SDL Trados Studio

If you want to choose a powerful translation tool, this item will ever not go wrong. Before you decide to purchase, there is a free demo version for a month to make sure whether it is a prompt one or not. Computer-assisted Translation (CAT) is the base for the mechanism, so you can find a bunch of features that give you benefit for enjoyable work such as translation memory, terminology, machine translation, and software localization.

         The Free Dictionary

This one is more like a translation tool app. However, you can take the extensive aid in which you are served by dictionary, thesaurus, and encyclopedia. Free access to some branches of translations such as medical is another feature you can obtain. What else? Various languages and the regular update of encyclopedias will provide you better reference. So, let’s access wherever you are through your iOS and Android devices as well.

         Fluency Now

You can purchase this one for $9.95 a month. It will assist you effectively whether you are an individual freelancer or organization. The recent features offered are project management solution, proofreading, and document statistics. Any common operating systems like Mac, Windows, and Linux are compatible.


Meeting a person who has the same profession is a kind of benefit. Through this portal, you can realize an insightful discussion regarding translation such as terms. You can also collaborate, train, and obtain discounts to access other tools.


If you are a freelance translator, this software is the suitable choice then. The five powerful features that are offered for you are the convenience to use previous work, improve quality, check consistency, ensure terminology, and spell-checking. You can test whether it is what you really need by trying the free version for 45 days at first.


It is a cloud-based translation service which provides you translation memory that is integrated with some translation agencies. The effectiveness comes from project-management, editing, and terminology-management within the platform as well.

         Translators Café

You cannot count on this one for a direct tool as it is an online community and forum in which you are able to ask experienced translators. It is more like a place to develop our skill in a fun way as well as seek job opportunities. Employers may contact the freelancers based on the bid or other flexible method. For the payment, there is no difficult process, so let’s try to play with it.


This web-based is not only for translators, but also works for content creators and managing localization projects. You do not need to worry about workflow or other technical matters as this one will assist you perfectly through beneficial features. Let’s focus on the translation process and enjoy the good communication menu offered with your team.

         WordFast Pro

The feature of this one is like a common CAT tool, but there is something great in which you can import and export translation memory even if you are using the free version. However, there is limited memory up to 500 units. Tutorials and support and supportive customer help are the other things that you cannot deny from WordFast Pro.


A cooperative tool, this one realizes an effective cycle by permitting the workmate to collaborate progressively. It is currently upholding multilingual translation memory which makes making and overseeing TMs more straightforward than other items.

         Magic Search

For speedier terminology search, it is a multilingual web crawler that gives one-page query items of numerous word references and different hotspots for various language matches. It looks through various sources, for example, Word Reference, TAUS, IETA, and EUdict. Users may likewise install a Google Chrome expansion to support workflow.

         IATE (Interactive Terminology for Europe)

Launched in 1999, this one is a helpful asset that guarantees consistency and EU-related writing communication. It takes essential parts to cover 23 authority European languages, 8.4 million EU-specific terms, 540,000 abbreviations, and 130,000 expressions. Users can give feedback to its reliability, so there will be upgrades to improve.

         Microsoft Language Portal

Microsoft Language Portal allows users to look through translations of key Microsoft terms and general IT wording. The term base contains roughly 25,000 characterized terms, including English definitions, and made a translation of in up to 100 languages. They can likewise download the Microsoft Terminology Collection highlighting standard wording terms utilized across Microsoft items, as well as UI translation, Microsoft Style Guides, and the Microsoft Terminology Service API.


OmegaT is an open-source software that permits translators to work all the more proficiently through fuzzy matching and programmed match engendering. This one additionally utilizes various translation memory all the while and permits users to handle different document projects simultaneously. Its incredible assets incorporate the Unicode (UTF-8) support that can be utilized with non-Latin letters in order.

         Website Word Count

This is a free internet based tool that you can use to work out redundancies and new words on the sites which are based on WordPress. Hanna Sles as a developer said that lots of requests about English to Russian translation stimulate her to develop this, even for other platforms.

To wrap, the translation tool app has different working systems and some are free or paid. When you choose them, match it to your needs to find the prompt features for supporting your performance. You can try the free version first to be sure.

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