About Us

We are an experienced and agile team of enthusiastic professionals who sensitively believe in innovative strategies and out-of-the-box solutions. At TransCore, you will find a dedicated team offering different services tailored to your company’s specific needs.

We select each professional team member for their industry experience, subject matter expertise, and overall fit for every customer’s translation project. We also offer several translation options to accommodate your project’s scope and budget. If you are looking for powerful, authentic translations that drive your business or comprehensive, turn-key translation management, then TransCore is your right choice!


About TransCore

TRANSCORE as a professional language service provider transforms our competences into authentic and flexible services that provide high-quality output with competitive rate. Established in 2019, TRANSCORE has become a professional start-up company in the Asian translation industry. 

Our teams are exponentially deployed in several countries to grab the markets and comply with the clients’ needs in various localization jobs. Our works are rapidly growing fast in providing professional translation, transcription, subtitling, and MTPE services as well as multitype localization projects to help your business grow and adapt to the target audience environment and culture.

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Our Professional Team

Our regular translators are those who have strong linguistics educational background with a minimum of five years of experience in the translation industry. Our team are deployed from various countries which makes them experienced native experts who know very well how translation and localization should work. We are all very passionate people who are very dedicated to solving the challenges for our clients to compete in world level industry.