Expand Your Business to Grab Global Markets
Technology advancement has made it easier for businesses to handle global markets. Our business core is transformed to leverage your business and speak it up in global competitiveness, take the benefits of global marketplaces, reach greater cross-border customers that will enjoy your services and products.
Global Market Needs Localization Strategy
The first step for going global is to have your business internationalized. Next, localize everything to meet your target market. Your business needs an adaptable strategy that understands the social value and trends.
Translation and Localization
While translation means changing a content’s language to another, localization goes beyond the border. International business needs localization to win their positions in the cross-border market. By having it localized, your business will earn positive responses from your target customer.

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About TransCore

TRANSCORE is a fast-growing and professional start-up company in the Asian translation industry. Our mission as a language services provider is to provide high-quality works that will help our clients grow and reach their targets. We have done multiple types of project such as professional localization, translation, transcription, subtitling, and MTPE services.

Our translation teams comes from several countries around the world which makes them expert of the native language who understand very well how translation and localization work. Our regular translators are those who have strong linguistics educational background with a minimum of five years of experience in the translation industry. 

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One Stop Language Solution

We have been building our reputation as a reliable and trustworthy language service provider in the Asian languages throughout these years since the first time we serve in this business. Experienced in various field of expertise, our specialized translators will help your business grows and reaches your target. Discover how we can help grow.

types of translation you should learn for basic
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Providing high-quality and trustworthy translation to make your cross-border audiences hear your message. Transcore ensures you connect with people with another language by content translations.
Transcribing audio files into multiple types of readable manuscripts. Transcore knows how to make it fast, accurate, and easy-to-use.
Giving translated caption texts to videos in foreign languages. It is easier now to make your content more understandable and enjoyable for larger audiences. Don’t wait to make it accomplish global-fame.
Transcore can provide you with experienced interpreters who will assist your audience with simultaneous understanding to help them feel a positive experience during the events.
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Why Choose Us

We are a high-committed team that values your time. We dedicate our time and resources to deliver the best results that will help you excel beyond the target. Our mission is to always provide our customers with quality on-time and our goal is to help them get the most valuable experience working with us.

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How We Love This Company

Transcore is a healthy place to grow and learn. I have learned a lot since working with the excellent team here. I can't wait to do the next move and see this company growing in Asian translation Industry.
Lina Marwati
Resource Management Team
A start-up company blessed with well-trained translators. Transcore is capable of providing excellent translation and localization services. Two thumbs up for the qualified team consisting of dedicated people.
Dedy N
Production Team
Cannot say much. This company is a great place to prove what you have learned before. The people are very dedicated with their job. I am very sure this one will become a great company one day.
Account Manager


We are growing fast and becoming one reliable and trustworthy player in Asia translation industry. Join our on-board team and become a high-quality translator with lots of experiences in TRANSCORE. Let’s become the part of our success story.


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