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Frequently Asked Question

Getting Started

It depends on its volume of translation, document type, and language pair you need. However, our output or capacity is quite significant due to working in a team. A linguist can provide 2,500 word per day and we have more than 10 linguists in each language pair. So, we can speed up the deadline as requested.

Yes. Of course.  We can provide you a sample translation in limited words.

We have strict vendor and translator selection based on minimum requirement by sending a qualification test either inhouse or freelancer. There is a training and onboarding process before assigning task.

We can help you to provide the translator(s) who meet your needs. However, the detailed data of our translation is provided in blind information due to confidentiality reason.

We professionally doing various file format including office formats, graphic formats, and CAT tool format.  We can also convert the source file with different format of output translation.

Account & Billing

We charge per word count. All words are counted using spreadsheet or CAT tool statistical word count. However, for certain client we apply fuzzy match as agreement.

We would not charge the cancelation cost. However, If the project is running, we will discuss to client regarding for cancelation cost

Yes. There is a different rate between specific field to general field because we also need translator that expertise on its work.

Yes. Of course. We can send you invoice(s)based on detailed task.

No need a deposit. You can pay after receive translation or output file. We will send it partially or protect the file(s) if possible.