Translation Service During COV19: Its Turning Point as Global Support

During the covid19 pandemic, the economic sectors really experienced a terrible depression worldwide. Many companies closed their business or sent their workers home for working remotely to cut their expanse since production was decreased. Including the translation industry, the virus has made great damage also for this specific area since the production volume is in line with the economic production.

According to a survey held by Société Française Des Traducteurs in 2020, the global crisis impacted all business and industry areas. It affected the workers severely so they tended to decide on other occupations to support their lives. This study also found that the pandemic was not only gave a negative impact on economic condition, but it also created a situation that affected the mental health of the workers.

The remote working style has been applied in order to adapt to this situation. Many areas and occupations even used this kind of style though they never relied on this kind of resourcing before. This decision was considered as the best option to deal with the social restriction which is used to reduce virus transmission in the workspace.

The performance of the translation service during Cov19

For translators, working remotely is actually not a new thing. Yet the impact is still felt deeply due to the uncertain future, especially in the early time of the outbreak.

However, the translator’s familiarity with the remote working style has brought some advantages as they can easily adapt to the situation in the later stage of the crisis. Since the important role of translation in communication sectors, this sector proves its sustainability during the crisis and even it can progress beyond expected.

The performance of the translation service during Cov19 pandemic was really significant when valid information has been seen as the most important aspect to fight the virus. Preventative measures, medical care, and medications are some types of information that need an accurate translation. While this kind of information is essential for everyone, medical translation and interpreters become the most wanted service among other translation fields to cope with the global struggles on this virus.

For the purpose of treatment and medication, many valuable information and documents from non-English speaking countries are published internationally as to the focus to slowing down the increasing effect of the virus outbreak. Moreover, translation service also has a vital role in providing assistance worldwide. The service has given significant help in the border area to facilitate communication for global procurement of medical supplies and labor.

In the domestic area, the role of interpreters and translators in hospitals and healthcare centers that focus on Covid19 treatment was also very important. To minimize the risk on both parties, virtual translators and interpreters are always available giving a countless number of assistances. They will provide a language mediation service among doctors, nurses, medical staff, and patients continuously in the case where a language gap existed.

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