Easy Subtitle Translation: A Prompt and Professional Strategy to Capture Global Market

To generalize, translation objects come from text-based and digital-based. This variation is an attempt to capture the global market since everyone has their own preferences to add their insight. On the other hand, a country that has superior national resources will influence as it is also used politically for others to achieve their goal.

This is referred to as soft power where it is conveyed through subtle diplomacy. For instance, dramas from Korea or anime from Japan have an impact on the behavior of people who like them. Subtitle translations are indeed the solution to overcome this phenomenon. Read on to find out its details to start yours!

Subtitle File Format

In working on a subtitle, a translator can close and reopen the plain text that is being worked on in an application. So, the way it works is more like understanding bit by bit the message in a digital file, then translating it according to the length of narration and the number of words that will be produced. Therefore, checking holistically or top-down translation will help to synchronize this by trying to maximize the aspects of accuracy, acceptability, and readability.

Furthermore, the plain text can be encoded to different types of file namely SubRip/ SRT (.srt), SubViewer (.sub or .sbv), and WebVTT (.vtt). However, SRT is the most common one due to its use. A popular video-sharing platform also supports it.

The Method to Translate Subtitle

Notepad or WordPad is a pre-installed application on most computers. You can translate subtitles for a short duration by using the SRT file saved. Another reasonable thing to consider is when you run out of internet connection. It can be said that this is a conventional method, so you have to create the sections to make each element clear.

 The element includes a section number to sort the subtitle translation starting from the first minute. It is better to complete with start and end times for well-organized work. Lastly, you can write down your work and add blank space as a separator.

The other method you can work with is by using online translation websites. It is a functional way as you do not need to worry regarding the formatting. Redokun is the favorite tool for several reasons. It can boost translation workflow through the conveniences offered such as being able to translate various types of files, a practical storage system similar to Google Drive, supporting communication features that facilitate teamwork, and maintaining data confidentiality.

         Subtitle Translation Tools

It is all about choice. Online translation websites are indeed a fruitful method to assist your work. However, when you meet the requirement of complexities, subtitle translation tools are what you really need. You can get yours for free or buy it at an affordable price. Here are the lists of recommendations.

Subtitle Workshop. It is the finest one as there is comprehensive editing features with easy-to-use demonstration. To add, the flexibility comes from reading or writing the engine and customizing the tool. In a way, this is a one-stop specialist co-op where you can find video previews along with other helpful aid.

         Gnome Subtitles. It is a subtitle translation and editing for the GNOME desktop. Therefore, you can find any technical features here. It also supports the most common text formats and synchronization. The sophisticated impression continues to its usefulness in dealing with thirty-two languages.

         Ayato 3. It is a paid subtitle translation tool. You can afford a subscription of 1490€ or 199€ per month or 7€ per day. You cannot go wrong with your partner since it provides the most powerful aid for open-caption and closed-caption access in record time.

         Jubler. It requires the latest version of software to enhance the performance. All the popular subtitle formats are indeed the fixed requirement to do its multitasking, such as translate, convert, and editing.

         SubMagic. It provides you with the finest setting where you are allowed to translate, edit, and convert in an integrated workflow. Moreover, you do not need .NET framework and support for the latest update of subtitle Unicode.

         Gaupol. It is an excellent tool in editing feature. The convenience comes from multiple document processing where support Unix and Windows software. Meanwhile, the operating system based on GTK+ user interface that refers to a free and open-source cross-platform widget toolkit for creating graphical.

         Subtitle Translators. It is a simple subtitle translation tool where the format is the same as MicroDVD. This is in line with its system, so it does not seem like a gadget with input and output features. However, you can still use it as a good partner through the main menu such as saving automatically after specified intervals.

         Aegisub Advanced Subtitle Editor. It is a sophisticated innovation which performs cross-platform. The language scope reaches almost thirty along with its performance where the timing is swift and speedy.

         Subtitle Editor. It is a GTK+2 subtitle translation tool that can carry out various tasks. Video preview and many more are the other features you can get for an easier work process. In addition, this is a flexible one to support plenty of file formats.

         OmegaT. It is really deserving to be considered as your workmate. The programming language is written in Java and interfaces to Google Translate. It also supports a bunch of translation memory applications.

         Tips to Translate Subtitle

             There is a special requirement regarding translating subtitles. Synchronization is the key to overcoming the challenge. Let alone, too many characters will affect the readability. The tips to execute better deal with technical and practical aspects.

         Meaning is the essential one to be considered as word by word does not always make sense. Get to know the tone and purpose in order to assist you to paraphrase. It is in line with the audience’s focus to adjust the language variation. Take a note that localization can improve your credibility.

         Watch a lot of movies as your reference may seem cliché, but you cannot go wrong with this attempt. On the other hand, it also helps you to “not be too creative.” A paraphrase is needed as long as you do not harm the film quality. To sum up, translating a subtitle is a unique experience where you need language skills as well as cultural knowledge so that it can be synced in accordance with timing or characters. Your credibility is the salient factor, but the proper subtitle translation tools are the best choice for your workmate.

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