Optimize Your Voice-Over Experience Using These Free Voice Recording Apps!

Besides good equipment for your recordings and practicing every time using the tips and tricks, having a good voice recording app can optimize your experience and the quality of your voice-overs. Especially, if you are a newcomer in the voice-over industry. These apps might be helpful for you who want to kickstart your voice-over experience or just want a cheaper option for your recordings. 

Voice Memo

Voice Memo is an iPhone default app you can use for voice recordings. This free app (because it is built-in) provides some features such as noise reduction and recording trimming. It is suitable for those of you who want to start your voice-over experience in a cheaper way. You can also insert a soundcard or microphone for a better quality of your recordings. 

Easy Voice Recorder

Easy Voice Recorder enables you to access a high-quality experience of voice recording in any format. This app also provides some editing tools and even voice-to-text transcription tools. The recordings you made on this app can be shared through various platforms. 


This app is ideally used for podcasters on Spotify but it can also be utilized to kickstart your career by doing voice-over. Anchor provides interesting back sounds you can use on your recordings. This app is suitable for you who are doing voice-overs on children’s folktales for storytelling. Through those features, this app also provides monetization for your podcasts. 

Google Recorder App 

Google released a very useful recording app for Android users on their latest smartphone, Pixel 4. Although they did not have released the app for every Android smartphone, there are some ways to download the apk version if you really need a recording app that is good in quality yet multi-functioning. Google Recorder App offers its ability to do live transcription, sound labels for you to distinguish any kind of sound, and also search recordings to find your recorded voice through certain words or sounds. Very convenient, right?

As voice actors also play a big role in the entertainment industry, especially for commercials, this may be the right time for you to start something new that might be your next career path. Being a voice actor is also something that is very adventurous and fun to do. You do not need a big studio to start off. Maybe it will be just your phone, a USB mic, and your favorite app.

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