Internet Slang as Effective Communication language for Parents and Adolescent

Language variations can be found in everyday life now that there are various kinds of individual backgrounds in the social order. Internet slang is one example of a manifestation of adolescent expression through cyberspace. This phenomenon seems not intended for parents who prefer casual and formal communication. However, this is not entirely true. They also need to understand it to employ effective communication in order to be closer to the young emotionally.

A Glance at Internet Slang

Social media, memes, and digital communication are the sources for spreading internet slang. This language variation will be quite difficult for parents to communicate as the way adolescents express something is different and takes into account the factors that will make them accepted in society. To begin with, parents need to understand some common examples to make it easier to understand further developments.

The Example of Popular Internet Slang

In accordance with the growth and mindset development of adolescents, they have popular internet slang to express themselves. Therefore, the scope will also be closely related to the daily lives of those who want to look cool and have fun with their choices.

General Internet Slang.

It refers to a way of expressing states and feelings. As for examples such as GOAT which means Greatest of All Time. In addition, TBH (to be honest) and YOLO (You Only Live Once) are in common use. It seems that this type is about abbreviations, but that is not totally true. There are a lot of expressions which require a single word to convey a comprehensive meaning like snatched (looks good, perfect, or fashionable).

People and Relationships.

In general, adolescents want to know more about other things outside the family and the way they do that is by getting to know a lot of people. The use of this popular internet slang will help them to say something that they might be embarrassed about by someone they do not want to know what they are talking about. For instance, there is Bae which means Before anyone else. Karen, Noob, and Tool, are the other examples to express their emotion for annoying one.

Compound Slang.

This phenomenon is stimulated by the sending of short messages that require a combination of words to reduce the number of characters. Besides, adolescents are tending to like something catchy. Hangry (hungry and angry) and Crunk (getting high and drunk at the same time or crazy and drunk) are examples of the use.

Sensitive Slang.

Adolescents have high curiosity, so they want to try new things even though it violates laws and norms. Call it about parties, drugs, and sex which are the haunting dangers of parents. Hence, this type is really having to watch out to control them from doing so. Take a note to 53X, CU46, Dayger, Function or Func, Kick back, Molly, Netflix and Chill, Rager, Smash, Sloshed, The plug, Throw down, Turnt, X, WTTP, and LMIRL.

Language will continue to develop as it is used daily and the phenomena that occur can affect it. Therefore, using tools like specific dictionaries and slang apps can be very helpful for parents to gain new insights. An alternative way that can be taken is to discuss it together in a friendly manner as if the parents and young are peers. It may be more difficult for sensitive types, but try to be careful so that the young will open up.

Slang is used for certain groups so as not to be known by others. Therefore, there is a private side here. In this case, parents still have to provide privacy to the adolescents. For example, let them use slang when with friends, but try to monitor their social media accounts. If something bad happens, try to advise with an approach that suits them. Parents can give advice in a fun way through the use of slang as well.

All in all, the source of internet slang comes from social media, memes, and digital communication. There are a bunch of purposes and the critical one comes from the privacy side. Parents should balance their obligation to monitor the young with that aspect, so the extended goal to know this language variation is to become a person who is emotionally close in a way they relate.

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