Great News! 5 Free Transcription Software for Freelancers and Agencies

These days, transcriptions have become essential for some leading media industries around the world. Journalists and media use transcription to record the interviewee’s speech or press conferences. Filmmakers and video producers need the audio transcription to make subtitles so that their movies or videos can be watched and enjoyed by people worldwide. 

Before we move further, what is audio transcription? It is a process to create an audio written record in which readers will be able to read the text from the speaker in videos, movies, or any kind of recording. If you are looking for accurate transcriptions but are struggling to purchase any premium software, these free transcription tools might be for you.


This AI-powered software allows you to make speech recognition from videos to text. The software also offers real-time transcription notes which you can use to have more accurate audio transcriptions time stamps. Otter is suitable for you young executives who need to convert speech to text from video meetings. Also, this software has a free basic plan for personal use.  


Tactiq is a transcription software that is also useful for young executives. This software’s main function is to help teams work more efficiently by offering a browser extension which can transcribe meetings to other platforms. It is also integrated with some meeting platforms such as Zoom, Hubspot, Notion, etc. They have a free plan where you can use time-stamped notes for your meetings and transcribe up to 10 meetings monthly. 


As a speech-to-text software, Descript offers high accuracy in recognizing speech for multiple persons. The transcription on this software is automated so you will save more time working with this tool. This software also provides editing tools where you can add music to the audio transitions and smooth audio trimming. Using this software, the newborn talents in this industry can have a cheaper option for free. 


If you are a freelancer or working remotely as a video subtitler or audio transcriber, this app is very suitable for you. oTranscribe provides a fully free transcription application so you do not need to pay for a subscription. 


This software provides manual and automatic transcription options for your needs. You can play a video or audio files and then write the speech manually in their all in one editor, or you can just upload your video or audio files to then get the automatic result for your transcription. The software now also supports more than 35 languages around the world for the automated transcription. For now, this software is free for manual transcription only.

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