Going Next Level by Developing These Multimedia Localization Skills!

Multimedia localization is an interesting way to give a more dynamic experience to consumers of your content. The localization of multimedia itself is often defined as a content modification process based on the needs of a certain culture or language as the market. This pandemic era has made people in demand of multimedia localization which also leads to the demand of some multimedia localization skills. 

What are those skills? Let us check them out!


This is the most needed skill (of course!) in multimedia localization. This skill is often included in script translation or subtitling. This is simply because translation is the most convenient way to communicate and promote your brand around the world. Besides, it is also needed as a bridge to other cultures.


Digitized translation is one of many effective ways to attract international audiences. The artist who is given the role as the dubber also played a big role in promoting the company’s projects. For example, people will be more thrilled to hear the character of Sizu in Raya and The Last Dragon’s voice if it is acted by Awkwafina than a local voice actress. Dubbing is not that easy. You also have to be the actress who brings the soul of the character to yourself. 


Subtitling is one of the most used skills in localization. Besides it helps the company to cut the costs, it also helps them to reach international audiences more easily. Subtitling does not require lots of tools like voice overs and dubbing. This skill requires an extensive amount of attention to detail because subtitles need appropriate timing for the script translation. 

Audio Engineering

Another on demand skill you have to master is the audio engineering skills. This skill allows you to modify sounds in various languages. Audio engineers are often needed in an audio localization project where a company has to promote or reach an international audience in different dialects and languages. 

According to Taiao who’s doing research on the trends of localization services, subtitling is the number one skill on demand by the companies. The service has increased 82% of consumer traffic by the year of 2022 followed by other skills mentioned above. Which means  it is a very good time for you to develop skills on localization because this is your chance. You can work with translation and localization agencies to gain more experiences and work with lots and lots more people.

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