Foreign Language Jobs Recommendations With Promising Earnings

Foreign language jobs are recommendations that you can pursue to generate income that can support your life. You can also do this type of work according to education in the language field or interests outside your main job. The question is, why will you be paid a tantalizing nominal? The reason is that there is no shortcut to learning a new language as it cannot be acquired in a short time. So, that persistence is what pays off. Read out to find out the list!


Foreign language translator jobs are the most common list when it comes to languages. The reason is, you have to understand other languages ​​from a grammatical and cultural point of view. Although machine translation has been widely developed, the role of humans will never be replaced since their complex thinking can solve translation problems.


The next recommendation is an interpreter that has a similar function to a translator, but with a different medium. The interpreter’s job is to translate someone’s words, so this work is needed face-to-face such as during bilateral agreements and conferences. The salary you will receive is usually based on the number of hours you work.

International Sales Marketing

This job is quite challenging because you have to pursue fields and languages ​​at the same time. Therefore, this list is included in one of the highest-paying foreign language jobs. Another advantage that you will get is the opportunity to go abroad.


To face globalization, foreign languages ​​such as English are the language of instruction for lecture materials. In addition, majors that do study languages ​​intensely are increasingly in demand because of their flexibility in finding work. You can also conduct research that will practice your language skills since you are faced with a series of foreign terms. Becoming a lecturer is one option that you can take to get a good salary.

Hotel Manager

To get as much income as possible, the tourism sector is expanding its target consumers to international markets. As a hotel manager, of course you have to master a foreign language so that your performance gets better.

Linguistic Tour Guide

As a tour guide, the main thing you have to prepare is foreign language skills. It is best if you learn some potential foreign languages ​​so that your credibility in this job is not in doubt. Take note of conversational practice as it suits your duty to communicate.

Flight Attendant

Still related to tourism, this job requires foreign language skills to provide any directions to international passengers. Although not a stand-alone job, airline companies do require candidates to understand foreign languages. Take note of the speaking tone to impress foreigners that you are like a native. You can practice more by using a voice translator.

Embassy Staff

If you want to seek the highest paying foreign language jobs, it is the choice for your career. There are many positions you can apply for such as ambassador and attendant at the front desk. Other positions are support officer, administrative specialist in logistics, IT professional, and customer executive.

International Correspondence

If you work in the field of journalism, language skills are needed because you have to interview sources directly. In addition, you also need to understand how to communicate well even in unexpected circumstances.

Brand Specialists

Giant companies such as Apple and Google will hire brand specialists to market their products according to the specific target market. Therefore, you must qualify as a candidate to work in this field.

Intelligence Operatives or Government Agencies

Usually, in the recruitment of government employees, a language certificate is one of the documents that must be fulfilled. This is because the government will deal with external parties in establishing cooperation. Even if you do not work with the government directly, there is a good chance you will be hired on a contract basis to deal with language issues at work.

International Organization Staff

International organizations such as WHO will expand the scope of their operations abroad. They will recruit local workers to carry out the operation. However, you also need to master a foreign language to communicate with the first party.

Recruiter or Human Resource

Recruitment of workers from abroad is needed to face various competitors who are increasingly superior in their performance. As a human resource that selects candidates directly, language skills can be very significant in carrying out these tasks.

Research Analyst or Field Researcher

This job requires you to research, analyze, interpret, and prepare investigative reports related to the field you work for in-house or client use. In simple words, you will work with data in a foreign language to obtain complex results.

Blogger or Youtuber

Do you love creating content and love talking in front of the camera? If so, this creative industry is suitable for you to pursue. To get more viewers, you have to supplement it with subtitles and that means you need to learn a foreign language.

Language Corporate Trainer

If you love education and languages ​​at the same time, this job is perfect for you. Now many parties need trainers such as companies that hire people from abroad, so you need to have good credibility to maximize your performance.

Foreign Language Teacher

Interested in teaching a foreign language abroad? Let’s start looking for job vacancies from now on! Usually, the language institution or the foreign ministry opens the opportunity to apply. Communication skills are another thing you need to practice to do this job, because you are also teaching non-native participants.

Content Writer and Editor

This work is increasingly needed as the digital era advances. In addition to filling out the website to provide information, the function of the writing is also used as a means of promotion. In line with this, the editor’s job is also needed to improve the quality of the writing.

That is a list of recommended foreign language jobs that you can choose according to your interests. Whatever your choice, the salary offered will not disappoint, because good skills are needed in terms of language and other supporting things.

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