Category: Language

Category: Language

Why Broken English Should be Considered Acceptable English

Broken English often adapts mistaken vocabulary, faulty grammar, skipping tenses, incomplete structure, and other language aspects that make the construction look different from regular English uttered or written by natives.

Could English be considered a universal language?

Once you hear the word “Universal Language”, does it ring a bell in your head? What comes to your mind most probably is English, isn’t it? Breaking down the most basic idea of universal language is through its definition. When you come to the definition of the words, most online dictionaries will explain an idea

Different types of bilingual person you need to know

The stories of becoming a bilingual person could help others in learning their second language. Among those possibilities, there are somehow three major classifications of bilingual according to the process of its development

Kinds of Dialects as Javanese Language Identity

Javanese language variations are formed by two references, namely geographically and socially. Therefore, the features will differ in each region that uses it and with whom they speak, considering that this can be a polite medium.