Adapting Social Media for Business in International Market Competition

In the current situation, regional borders are no longer an obstacle to expanding a business’s reach. Thus business owners and marketers are both required to swift their strategy for using the most lethal platform on the internet – social media. Social Media for business is believed as an effective approach to increasing brand voice in audiences’ minds.

The hospitality industries, services, retails, merchants, and start-ups are a few business types that should adapt to effective marketing and branding using social media for relatively instant business growth. This advantage has been used and proved as there is no more doubt for any new players to use the same strategy and approach. 

The exact reason is real-time costumers engagement at relatively low and no costs. This advantage should create a better relatively closer relationship between the brands and their customers or audiences.

Moreover, the global reach due to the amazing internet technology has allowed every business to make international expansion in a shorter time compared with the traditional method. In addition, the global supply chain has been currently very well developed allowing easy acquirement, access, and transportation that can push down the cost and simplify the entire workflow. 

Social Media Strategy For International Markets

With all easiness available for production and distribution in this globalization era, marketing should find it easier on reaching broader targets. Some social media platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest, and Tiktok are designated for this purpose aside from their main function, gathering people from every place in this world. 

The inline correlation of digital marketing using social media and business growth statistics has initiated better development on all platforms which currently are used by 4 billion people worldwide. This huge marketplace should be utilized effectively with accurate strategies. 

  1. Initial Assessment for social media branding

To decide the best move for digital marketing using social media, answering the following questions should be enough in the initial process. These questions also help you to get the ideal positioning in building your business brand in the international market.

  • Who are your target audiences?
  • What platforms do they use the most?
  • What is the idea that you want your customer to hear about you?
  • What is your goal?

When you have already got the answers to all these questions, the next stage is analyzing the information to develop them into a marketing plan. In this stage, your plan should cover the performance indicator and timeline. Break down every detail that you want to share with your audience. Premature planning could cost more when everything is kicked and run. 

  1. Developing International Marketing Content 

Before planning the contents, the decision in using which social media platform suits your business needs to be finalized. Every social media has its own characteristics and type of audience. Forcing to use the same content for all social media could impact negatively your branding. For example, using excessive visual content on Twitter or uploading an infographic on a youtube channel would give very little effect to your presence noticeable by wider audiences.

In planning the contents, use the data about your target audience and do a little research about popular things that go viral and attract massive attention. Considering your brand voice (about things you want people to see or believe in your brand) is very vital as it will also give guidance and streamline your unique brand identity.

In developing the content to reach the international market, it is important to consider languages that are understandable and avoid ambiguity. Using English for your international social media content should be the most correct and relevant for your brand to be heard by global netizens.

In short, designing international social media content should be planned carefully. Even for small businesses, professional content that is designed and planned carefully is in top priority to make customers build their trust. It is also important to take content type into account based on the platform that you use for marketing. 

Almost all platforms are designed for this kind of purpose and offer options to boost your content at an affordable cost according to your size and budget. However, putting your brand in the advertisement is not the only choice to grow since there are also some options that are relatively free but still effective to reach wide audiences such as content optimization and growing the network. The more people in your network mean bigger engagement that will allow your brand or product spread naturally.

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