7 Advantages of Multilingual Website as an Effective Marketing Technique

The increasing use of the internet in society has had a significant impact on the development of marketing techniques in the digital field. One of the manifestations is through a multilingual website. In a nutshell, your content is presented in more than one language to reach more potential customers. Please continue reading for more information regarding its details!

How Multilingual Website Grows Your Business

The most important thing about a multilingual website is as a means for potential customers to contact you. Imagine what if they want to do it, but they do not understand the mechanism due to language differences?

When potential customers get the facility to take further action after seeing the product on your website, your credibility will automatically increase. This can also affect sales figures and maintain a long-term relationship with them.

In short, this marketing technique is about personalization which is realized through language that can reach potential consumers who have different backgrounds. This surely will avoid the survey results which state that 88% of them will not visit your website again due to an unpleasant experience. They feel there is less hospitality through content that is more relatable.

The Benefits of a Multilingual Website

Expanding a larger audience. The percentage of English users worldwide reaches 25%. That is not an ideal number to make your website acceptable to people across nations, isn’t it? Therefore, you need to provide other languages ​​to complement it.

In other words, it is about audience segmentation. The same thing can be applied if your business is targeted at domestic consumers, considering that in one country it is very possible for language diversity. For instance, Spanish is the second most spoken language in the USA.

Decreasing bounce rate yet enhancing conversion rate. Based on research from CSA, 72.4% of people are more likely to buy a product if the description is in their own language. Running a business is all about creating an impression of empathy for consumer needs, so this will also have an effect on a low bounce rate, but an increased conversion rate.

Demonstrating a competitive advantage. Business competition can be done in various ways and one of them is this marketing technique. On the other hand, the pandemic has had a significant impact on the economy, so you need to expand in reaching potential customers.

You can take advantage of e-commerce that has easy access, and take note that you also consider the needs of people outside your country.

Boosting search engine optimization. The success of your website can be marked if it has high-ranking search engine result pages. It can be said that good content visibility will also affect the number of audiences.

SEO is usually done at the domestic level, but you can also reach the international level. This is in line with the difference in the way a person enters keywords that are typed in their own or foreign languages.

In carrying out this point, you need to translate your content to the metadata aspect. Setting unique URLs with other language options is a brilliant way to achieve high rankings, as they are easily detected by search engine bots.

Customers oriented. One of the benefits of a multilingual website is that it can create an emotional aspect for potential customers since they are presented with a pleasant experience through very easy-to-understand content. Moreover, if you involve the process of trans-creation and localization there, it feels like buying something in foreign shops without any language problems, thanks to a personal translator.

Empowering marketing cost. Marketing costs that are in accordance with optimal results can give you more profit. DemandMetric states that multilingual websites are able to reduce marketing costs by 62% compared to other techniques. This finding is not surprising now that you only need to do a single project whose benefits will work in the long term.

Upgrading brand reputation. When you use a multilingual website, it can be concluded that your business is global. Furthermore, this will realize a professional and trusted impression, stimulating customers’ interest in purchasing your product.

Creating Multilingual Website

Working with a website translator is your best partner to make it happen. However, you also need to pay attention to technical support that keeps your content user-friendly through installation and setup. Compatibility is another crucial thing where you should choose the appropriate content management system, such as WordPress and Squarespace.

SEO optimization, localization features, and customer support representing available language options are other essential aspects of creating a multilingual website. These points refer to maintenance that can last over the long term.

Tips to Create Multilingual Website

The application of language used is the initial consideration that needs to be considered carefully. You should focus on content that should be translated, such as product and service descriptions, rather than anything else. The display of language options that have better visibility for users, creative localization, and the use of cloud-based translation tools also get an equal portion of attention.

Tips to Create Multilingual Website

Meanwhile, the web design aspect contributes to visibility which will enhance your multilingual website performance. You can start working by considering text expansion when translating a language, try not to make it too long.

For instance, when you translate into French, the text will be 35% longer than the original English source. In contrast, when you work in Chinese, the text tends to be shorter. How to deal with this issue? You can insert additional information without changing the main essence.

What else? Page layouts that adjust to the target language, localize the sitemap and adapt small units such as times, dates, measurements, and currencies, can boost the benefit.

A multilingual website is an effective marketing technique since it can enhance your business performance at a relatively low cost. To create yours, it is necessary to apply for project translation and technology support at the same time. You should choose a partner who has all of these services to obtain the best result.

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